Did You Know: Quick way to change Company and Work Date

If you have multiple companies in NAV, you know how to switch between them: File > Company > Open in Classic, or clicking on the Dynamics flags and then Select Company in the RoleTailored Client.

You probably also know that you can use the shortcut Ctrl+O in either version of the NAV client.

But did you know that in the RoleTailored in NAV 2013 and 2009, you can switch between companies simply by clicking the Company name in the status bar at the bottom left of the main NAV window?


Change Company and Work DateClick and change. That simple.

This also works for changing the Work Date, which is displayed right next to the Company name in the status bar.

NAV Keyboard Shortcuts (Classic Client and RTC)

While I like using my mouse to perform actions in NAV when I’m doing a sales demo or helping a client, sometimes it’s so much more convenient to just use shortcut keys instead – at least for functions or actions that I use most frequently.

If you’ve been using NAV for many years, you are probably familiar with at least some of these popular shortcut keys (if not all): F3 for Insert New, F4 for Delete, F11 for Post, etc.

And what a surprise it must have been when you used the NAV 2009 RoleTailored Client (RTC) for the first time: you hit F4 on a Sales Order Line only to find out it shows a drop-down list (or does nothing, depending on the active field in the Line) instead of deleting the line.

I’ve been using RTC for almost two years now (and all but one of our clients use RTC), and I still get the new shortcut keys mixed up; but I know almost all of the old shortcuts by heart! The good news is, Microsoft has a fantastic cheat-sheet in PDF format with all the keyboard shortcuts for both the Classic and RoleTailored Clients.

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