Using My Customers, My Vendors, and My Items as filters

MyCust00If you’re using a RoleTailored version of NAV, i.e., 2009 RTC or newer, you have likely come across the My Customers, My Vendors, or My Items lists on your Role Center page (your NAV home page). Depending on the Profile assigned to you, you may have one or all of these available to show on your Role Center.

The functionality is pretty straightforward: If you frequently, or exclusively, work with some customers (vendors, or items), you can click on Manage List in the My Customers page part to create a shortlist with just those records so you can quickly jump to one of them by double-clicking it right from the Role Center.

What most people don’t know is that you can use your “My” shortlists as filters all across NAV, on pages as well as reports! It’s quite simple too. Just use these filter strings…

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Creating and Copying Companies in NAV 2013 R2 (and newer)

Creating a new company in NAV was always so simple, wasn’t it? Go to File > Company > New in the Classic Client (or Development Environment, as it’s now called) and you were on your way.

If you’ve tried doing that in NAV 2013 R2, you were probably surprised to find that Company is no longer listed under the File menu. Who moved my cheese?!

No need to stress, because the function still exists. It’s just been moved to the RoleTailored Client.

You can watch the complete walkthrough below or directly on our YouTube channel (

Go to Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General > (Lists) > Companies (or you can use the Search bar and type in ‘Companies‘).


On this page, click New on the action item on the ribbon, and you will be prompted to enter a name for the new company. Press OK and you’re done (after some “hourglassing” as an old client of mine likes to say).

There’s also a Copy action item on the ribbon. To use this function, first select the company you want to copy from the list of Companies by clicking on it, then click Copy on the ribbon and enter the name you’d like to assign to the new company.

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Did You Know: Quick way to change Company and Work Date

If you have multiple companies in NAV, you know how to switch between them: File > Company > Open in Classic, or clicking on the Dynamics flags and then Select Company in the RoleTailored Client.

You probably also know that you can use the shortcut Ctrl+O in either version of the NAV client.

But did you know that in the RoleTailored in NAV 2013 and 2009, you can switch between companies simply by clicking the Company name in the status bar at the bottom left of the main NAV window?


Change Company and Work DateClick and change. That simple.

This also works for changing the Work Date, which is displayed right next to the Company name in the status bar.

Archiving Converted Quotes and Posted Orders

Archive, PostDid you know that you could archive converted Sales or Purchase Quotes and posted Sales or Purchase Orders? This allows you to see the document in its entirety even after it is no longer active.

It’s real simple: Check the box next to the Archive Quotes and Orders field on the Sales & Receivables Setup and/or Purchase & Payables Setup as desired and this will affect all future quotes and orders.

To view archived documents using the RoleTailored Client, navigate to Departments > Sales & Marketing > Archive or Departments > Purchase > Archive. In the Classic Client, you should be able to find the archive pages under the History menu of the Sales & Marketing and Purchase & Payables menus.

Taking a trip down memory lane

As I was browsing through my Twitter feed yesterday, I saw a tweet from Johannes Gudmundsson (@nav_viking) with a screenshot from an old version of Navision. The date on the screenshot in Johannes’ tweet reads 02/17/2007, although I’m sure the version is much older – from the character based days of DOS. Seeing that date took me back in time on a trip down memory lane. Because you see, my journey with Navision began just one day before the date on the screenshot, on February 16, 2007.

Navision - OldNAV 2013 R2 - Today

Screenshots Above: Navision (NAV), then and now.

The Past

In February 2007, I was a senior in college working towards a business degree and focused on two things: finding a career and graduating. I’d had a few different part time jobs and internships by that point, but I couldn’t see a future in any of them. Without a lot of expectations, I engaged with my university’s Career and Experiential Learning office and got set up for three internship interviews. Little did I know that the second interview would be the one that changed my life.

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