How do I find the latest Released Cumulative Updates (Hotfixes) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

If you’ve ever gone looking for the latest cumulative updates for NAV on Microsoft CustomerSource (or PartnerSource), but don’t know which one it is, you’ll probably agree with me that it can be a time consuming task.

Cumulative UpdateWell, there is good news! Microsoft has “fast publish” articles that maintain a list of released Cumulative Updates for each of the following versions: NAV 2013, 2013 R2, and 2015. The Cumulative Updates are typically released at a monthly frequency.

You may see a “Referring link not Secure” message since we are an external source linking to a Microsoft KB article. Click on Continue to proceed to the article. You may need to sign in with your Microsoft CustomerSource / PartnerSource login.

If you are using NAV 2015, the Platform update / hotfix directories (NST, RTC, etc.) are no longer available “out-of-the-box.” A few additional steps need to be taken to get those individual subfolders so you can patch the files on the NAV server and existing NAV client workstations. Instructions for this can be found here: will also be posting a how-to video to walk you through the steps of getting back these directories. We will update this article with a link to the walkthrough once it is posted.

Microsoft CustomerSource goes free(mium) on September 8, 2014

Come Monday, the 8th of September, Microsoft will be opening up about half of the content on CustomerSource for free access without a login. This will include product documentation, product news, how-to videos, knowledgebase articles, factsheets and whitepapers.

Free PassFull product installs, service packs, tax updates, training courses, and training courseware will still require access to a CustomerSource login which is available for customers current on their BREP or SA plan (sometimes referred to as Enhancement Plan or Software Assurance).

Click here to read the announcement in its entirety on Microsoft CustomerSource.

Microsoft is no stranger to the freemium model. Earlier this year, Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint were released for Apple’s iPad with the ability to open and view files for free. Creating and editing capabilities are available to customers with an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft’s enterprise social networking service Yammer is also a freemium offering.

NAV Keyboard Shortcuts (Classic Client and RTC)

While I like using my mouse to perform actions in NAV when I’m doing a sales demo or helping a client, sometimes it’s so much more convenient to just use shortcut keys instead – at least for functions or actions that I use most frequently.

If you’ve been using NAV for many years, you are probably familiar with at least some of these popular shortcut keys (if not all): F3 for Insert New, F4 for Delete, F11 for Post, etc.

And what a surprise it must have been when you used the NAV 2009 RoleTailored Client (RTC) for the first time: you hit F4 on a Sales Order Line only to find out it shows a drop-down list (or does nothing, depending on the active field in the Line) instead of deleting the line.

I’ve been using RTC for almost two years now (and all but one of our clients use RTC), and I still get the new shortcut keys mixed up; but I know almost all of the old shortcuts by heart! The good news is, Microsoft has a fantastic cheat-sheet in PDF format with all the keyboard shortcuts for both the Classic and RoleTailored Clients.

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Get Ready for NAV 2013!

It’s here! Well, not NAV 2013 itself; the official Launch Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is here.

If you are looking to stay on top of all the news leading up to the fall release of the upcoming NAV version, bookmark the link below for Microsoft’s NAV 2013 Launch Portal (you will need to have a CustomerSource / PartnerSource login to access the link below):

For Microsoft Partners, there is also a “Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013” page on PartnerSource that will serve as the point for accessing Learning Plans, Pre-Release Demo Scripts, Hands-On Labs, VMs etc.

Most of these are not available yet (with the exception of some Readiness Hot Topic recordings), but it should be just a matter of time. Keep in mind that the beta release of NAV 2013 is expected in a little over a month.


Recently there was an article released that announced the World’s population is reaching 7 Billion. Whether you find this good news or bad, the fact of the
matter is that it requires more individual action, than ever before to stand out
from the crowd. Companies are required to find new ways to help themselves
become more productive and get noticed.

This is especially true when undertaking a new software implementation.
Change can be difficult and knowing when and where to get help, post
implementation, can also be costly. However, you need not be alone with NAV.
Dynamics NAV has been in use for 25 years and has a long-standing network of companies with committed users  willing and able to lend a friendly helping hand; to listen. Microsoft has also acknowledged there is a serious following with this ERP Product Line and sees sales aren’t just happening because of demos, they also occur when there are connections within a community,  an ever-growing community of passionate end-users.  NAV hasn’t improved by chance, but by input from these long-standing groupies and feedback from its users.

When a company makes the decision to install NAV, not only are the receiving software but a way to connect and be heard. Finding the best place to voice an opinion, an answer to industry specific questions or just learn about the newest release can all be done easily when you belong to one of the many NAV communities that exists. Knowing that there are other users and companies that share the same viewpoint or issue can add value and a sense of belonging in this ever enlarging world.

We encourage you to take full advantage of one (or all) of the NAV communities, user groups and Blobs. Get involved, connect, help and be helped.  Here area few of our favorite locations:

NAVUG-  The Dynamics NAV User Group (NAVUG) is an association of companies sharing the common interest of optimizing their usage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

CustomerSource-  A one-stop resource for quick and easy access to valuable information that helps maximize the value of your solution.

I Love NAV-  Submit and vote on your favorite product suggestions in order to crowd-source this feedback to Microsoft and pick suggestions that are developed and distributed to the community free of charge.