What’s in a name? A discussion about CRONUS and Work Dates

When a client reports an error in their NAV system (which is typically customized), sometimes we need to check if the issue is due to a customization, or if it exists and can be recreated in a control NAV database of the same version – i.e., a clean ‘CRONUS’ NAV Database with no customization. (Note: I like to call it a CRONUS database, since all the companies in the database start with the name CRONUS.)

We also find ourselves using one of the CRONUS companies when we’re developing and testing new functionality that is not specifically for one of our clients. One of the main reasons for doing so is the wealth of demo data available in these companies – from customers, to vendors, to items, kits, resources, etc.

One of the hallmarks of any CRONUS company is that the Work Date always defaults to a   particular date (different for each version). For example, in NAV 2009, CRONUS USA, Inc. defaults to 01/27/11. Most of the demo data found in the company is also around this date. If the database is opened with the demo license instead of your own, there are also limitations on the date ranges within which you are allowed to post. All of this is for good reason – after all, it is meant to be a demo database.

If you access the “CRONUS USA, Inc.” company (NAV 2009 NA Database) with your own NAV license, you will find that there are no posting limitations, but the Work Date still always defaults to 01/27/11. The Work Date can easily be changed to the system date (i.e., today’s date), but every time you exit NAV and log back in the Work Date is reset to – you guessed it – 01/27/11. Personally, having to change the Work Date every again and again gets annoying and distracting after a while.

The work-around to the “issue” (ok… it’s not really an issue, per se) is very simple: Change the name of the company. As long as the company name contains the word CRONUS, NAV will enforce the demo Work Date every time it is opened. Change the name of the company to Bob’s Barrows or Tim’s Transportation and suddenly you will find that the default Work Date will be the same as today’s date.

But since the name CRONUS is so synonymous with “demo company” in the NAV world (as Fabrikam is in the GP world), I simply replace the C with a K and rename my demo companies to KRONUS. It’s the best of both worlds really: NAV doesn’t tinker with my Work Date, and anyone who accesses my play NAV database can immediately recognize it as a demo company.

Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to share them with us.

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