Issues connecting new Project “Madeira” Users to Power BI?

Homepage_metal_large_2If you’ve just added a new O365 user to Project Madeira and the new user is having trouble getting working with the content pack, just try again the next day or so. It looks like the NAV User name and/or Web Service Access Key need some time to propagate.

I’ve had this happen with a couple users now, and at first I thought I was doing something wrong, only to find it working when I tried again with the same user credentials a day or two later.

You can find detailed instructions on connecting Project Madeira to Power BI on our blog post here.

Project “Madeira” and Power BI: From Data to Insights (UPDATED)

If you are not familiar with Project “Madeira” or would like to learn more about the Preview, please take a few minutes to read my post titled: Project “Madeira” Preview has arrived & here’s everything you need to know! 

Update (April 18, 2016): When this article was initially published on April 14, we were unable to connect Project “Madeira” to This issue has been resolved, and the article has been updated to reflect this. A big thank you to Theresa from the Microsoft team that developed the Content Pack for reaching out to me!

Are you wondering if Power BI will work with Project “Madeira” like it does with Dynamics NAV?

17-PowerBIJust head over to and you will find that there’s already a Project “Madeira” content pack ready to use!

In minutes, you can have a dashboard full of KPIs and dozens of reports ready to use.


Connecting Project “Madeira” to (updated)

Complete connection instructions can be found on the official Project “Madeira” site: Using the Project “Madeira” Content Pack for Power BI

Like Dynamics NAV 2016, all the Web Services necessary for Power BI are configured and ready to go in Project “Madeira”.

The OData Feed URL also follows the same format: https://[navserver]/[instance]/OData/Company(‘Company%20Name’)

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