Zooming in on a record in NAV

The ability to zoom in on a record has always been one of my favorite NAV features because it helps me sort through all the clutter and go directly to the field / information I’m looking for. It is also great for viewing fields that do not appear on a Form or Page but belong to the source table.

In the Classic Client, all you have to do is press Ctrl + F8 while viewing the record that you want to zoom in on and you are presented with the Zoom window. If you are viewing a form that also has a subform (such as a Sales Order record, which contains a header and lines), make sure that the focus is on the desired part of the form (by clicking somewhere in that part of the form) before pressing Ctrl + F8.

In the NAV 2009 RoleTailored Client (SP1 and newer), the zoom functionality has been moved to About This Page with a new shortcut combination (Ctrl + Alt + F1). The screenshot below shows how to get there from a Sales Order page.

About This Page is divided into four or five FastTabs (depending on the page): Page InformationTable FieldsSource Expressions, FlowFilter Fields and Filters. The latter three are not relevant to today’s topic so I will not go into any detail about them.

Page Information diplays the Object number, Source Table, Page Type and Mode (View, Edit), and the Record that is being zoomed in on.

Table Fields is where you find the actual “zoom” information. If a page contains a subform (let’s use Sales Order as an example again), then we have to do the same thing that we did in the Classic Client: ensure that the focus is on the part of the page that you’d like to zoom in on.

On the Sales Order page, to zoom in on the lines, expand the Lines FastTab, and click somewhere within that FastTab. Then press Ctrl + Alt + F1. For subforms, there is no clickable link to About This Page. The screenshot below is zoomed in on a line in a Sales Order.

Security Considerations: 

As you can see, the ability to zoom is a very powerful feature for administrators and super users. However, users who should not be privy to this information can also end up with the ability to view data in fields that are meant to be hidden from them.

To prevent this, access to Zoom can be controlled through NAV Security. As a rule of thumb, ensure that no regular user (i.e., someone who is not a super user) is assigned a role that contains read or run permissions to Object Type System, Object ID 0. The specific System Object that controls access to Zoom is Object ID 5330 (Tools, Zoom). This Object ID affects both the Classic and RoleTailored Clients.

Happy zooming!

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