Why Won’t Search Find My Report

As often happens, a client asks a question.

How come my Super Awesome Report doesn’t come up when I use the Search on the ribbon?

Report Search in Dynamics NAV

For those of us that are Classic Client converts, it’s not a huge mystery, but it did cause me to pause and Google it, and search the help file to see if anything was mentioned about it anywhere… nothing jumped out.

The answer is that you need to create a menusuite and put your Super Awesome Report (Codeunit/XMLport/Page/Query) on it.

If it applies to a certain area, like Financial Management, you can add it there. If it is it’s own special area, perhaps you’ll create a menu and put it there.

You’ll have to go into the Development Environment and add a Company (or partner) level menusuite if you don’t already have one.

Once there, right click on the Menu at the bottom and click new.

Create Item for Report

There are 15 bitmaps to choose from here, I don’t know how they translate out in the RTC, but you can trial and error them until you get what you like. Once you click OK, you’ll be in the empty menu. Right Click in there again to create an Item.

I’ve added the Super Awesome Report and put it in the Reports and Analysis Department of my new menu.

I click OK on that and close and save the Navigation Pane designer.

When I reopen my RTC and search, my Super Awesome Report shows up.

NAV 2013 RTC Search field

If I look in Departments, I see a new “Custom Reports” Department.

Custom Reports

And if I click into that I see that under Reports and Analysis, my Super Awesome Report is listed.

Your Report in Reports and Analytics

As always, hope you find this helpful.

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