Using My Customers, My Vendors, and My Items as filters

MyCust00If you’re using a RoleTailored version of NAV, i.e., 2009 RTC or newer, you have likely come across the My Customers, My Vendors, or My Items lists on your Role Center page (your NAV home page). Depending on the Profile assigned to you, you may have one or all of these available to show on your Role Center.

The functionality is pretty straightforward: If you frequently, or exclusively, work with some customers (vendors, or items), you can click on Manage List in the My Customers page part to create a shortlist with just those records so you can quickly jump to one of them by double-clicking it right from the Role Center.

What most people don’t know is that you can use your “My” shortlists as filters all across NAV, on pages as well as reports! It’s quite simple too. Just use these filter strings…

  • My Customers: %mycust
  • My Vendors: %myvend
  • My Items: %myitem

We have found that %mycust works the same as %mycustomers, and similarly for the other two “My” lists.

Let’s try the filters out in a few different scenarios:

Scenario 1:

If you are looking at the full list of Customers and just want to see the ones on your “My” list, expand the filter pane and set %mycust as the filter for the No. field.


Important: The %mycust, %myvend, and %myitem filters only work in the expanded Filter Pane as shown in the screenshot above. The filters will not work in the Type to filter (F3) field. If the Filter Pane is not showing, click the downward pointing arrow circled in the screenshot below:


Scenario 2:

The “My” filters can also be used on pages like Ledger Entries, such as the Customer Ledger Entries page. This can help you trim down the list to show just the records pertaining to your customers. In the Filter Pane, set %mycust as the filter for Customer No.:


When you click / tab out of the field after entering %mycust, you will see how NAV translates that string into multiple customer numbers, separated by the | character:


Quick tip: If you use the Save View As function to create a saved view using a filter string like %mycust, NAV will always update the filter to include any new customers you add to (or exclude customers you have removed from) the My Customers list. The same is true for saved views created with Date formulas and Date strings. For example, add another filter on the Customer Ledger Entry page for Posting Date, and set the filter as WORKDATE or TODAY (W or T will also work). If you save this view and change the Work Date or return to the page on another day, the filters will dynamically update.

Scenario 3:

When you are running a Report, such as the Customer Top 10 List report, you can filter the results to match your “My” list by using %mycust for the No. field under the Customer DataItem on the Request Page as shown below:


Pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree?!

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