Using Date Shortcuts

Most NAV users are familiar with some basic Date shortcuts in NAV such as typing in T for today’s date, W for the work date, and 032012 for 03/20/2012.

Did you know that there are actually many more date and time shortcuts that NAV supports? Here is a comprehensive list:


  • March 15, 2012: 3/15/12 or 031512 or 3.15.12 (for single digit month or date, preceding zeros are optional when using / or . to separate month, date, and year. If no separator is being used, then preceding zeros are required. Year can be entered as YY or YYYY).

Days of the current week:

  • m or monday
  • tu or tuesday
  • we or wednesday
  • th or thursday
  • f or friday
  • s or saturday
  • su or sunday

DateTime fields:

  • 1:45PM on 01/10/12: 011012 1345 or 011012 13:45
  • 1:45:55PM on 01/10/12: 011012 134555
  • 10:00AM Today: t 10
  • 10:30AM Today: t 1030
  • Today’s Date and Actual Time: t time
  • 11:45AM Tuesday of the current week: tu 1145
  • 11:15:10AM Wednesday of the current week: we 111510 or we 11:15:10

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