Setting default Printer Selections in NAV

Staying on the topic of printing reports, today we’ll show you how to assign default printers by user and/or by report in NAV. This feature is very easy to setup, and quite useful when:

  • You want to ensure that all reports for a user(s) are sent to a specific printer.
  • You always want a particular report to print to a specific printer (for example, a MICR printer for check printing)

In the RoleTailored Client, navigate to Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General Setup > Printer Selections. Click on New in the Action Pane.

Note: If you’re using the Classic Client, navigate to Administration > IT Administration > General Setup > Printer Selections.

In the User ID column (see screenshot above), type in the desired user login or click the drop-down button to select the user from a list. If you want this printer selection rule to apply to all users, leave this field blank.

In the Report ID column, you will notice that the default value is set to 0. This means that this printer selection rule will apply to all reports for the selected User ID. You can also type in the Report number or use the drop-down button to select a specific report from the list.

Once a Report ID is selected, the Report Name field will automatically be populated.

Finally, in the Printer Name column, select the desired printer from the drop-down list. This list will only show the printers available to you on the computer that you’re connected to NAV from.

That’s it! If you are using the RTC, click the OK button and you’re done. If using the Classic Client, simply hit Tab – the record will be saved and you will be taken to the next row.

Important Note: When you are assigning a printer selection for a User ID, make sure that this user can access the selected printer(s) from the computer(s) that he or she connects to NAV from.

Happy printing!

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