Selecting the entire value contained in a NAV field

Have you ever wanted to select the entire contents in a NAV field to copy or quickly write over?

Let’s say you are on a Sales Order page, you mistyped the External Document No. and you want to correct the value from T1-01234 to T1-01245. If you simply click inside the field, you see that the entire value isn’t selected.

But, if you click on the label instead (i.e., the text “External Document No.“), NAV will select the entire value of the corresponding field.

Alternate method (RTC Only): If you have already clicked inside the field, another way of doing the same thing is to press the F2 key. If you press the F2 key once, it will select the entire contents of the field. Press it again, and it will place the cursor at the beginning of the field’s value.


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