Printing multiple copies of Invoices in NAV

Sometimes you want to print more than one copy of an invoice. You probably already know a couple different ways to go about it: the most common way is from the standard Microsoft Windows Print window that pops up, where you select which Printer you want to print to, the page ranges, and copies. Another way is to just print the report twice.

Now let’s assume you always want to print two copies of all Posted Sales Invoices, and don’t want to worry about changing the No. of copies each time. This is when it helps to know how to configure NAV to work for you.

In NAV 2009 RTC, open the desired Posted Sales Invoice record, click Print in the Action Pane, and you are presented with the Request Page (see screenshot below). If you are using the NAV Classic Client, the Print button is typically found at the bottom-right of the Posted Sales Invoice form, and when clicked you will be presented with a Request Form.

In the Options fast tab (see screenshot above), you will find a field labelled Number of Copies. The default value is 0. If you want the Invoice to print 2 copies, enter 1 (this might seem counter-intuitive, but essentially, you are telling NAV to print 1 additional copy; if you enter 2, NAV will print 3 copies of the report).

That’s it! The next time you print this report, NAV will remember your preference.

But what if you want to make sure that 3 copies are printed for all reports for a particular Customer? That is simple too! Open the desired Customer record (page or form), and on the Invoicing fast tab, you will find a field called Invoice Copies. The default value is set to 0, and since we want to print 3 copies, enter 2 (as in, NAV will print 2 additional copies of all invoices for this customer).

Side Note: Last month, one of my clients reached out to me for help because certain invoices were always getting printed twice. We did some digging and found out it was only happening for one customer. As you can guess, one of their NAV users had accidentally changed the value in the Invoice Copies field for that customer from 0 to 1. Thanks to today’s post, if that ever happens to you, you know exactly how to troubleshoot the issue.

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