Neat little NAV tricks

If you use the NAV Classic Client, you’ve probably noticed that you can close an open window simply by hitting the Escape key instead of clicking the X icon. But did you know that you could very easily disable that?

In the Classic Client, go to Tools > Options, and change the value of Close Forms on Esc to No.

While you’re in the Options window, take a look at some other options that you can easily change to affect NAV behavior. Here are couple that may interest even the novice user:

  • Status Bar: Hide the Status Bar that appears at the bottom of the Classic Client by setting it to No (the client will need to be restarted before this takes effect)
  • Max. no. of XML records to send: The default value is set to 5,000. This is the maximum number of records that can be sent to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word from NAV using the built-in Send-to functionality in the NAV Toolbar. This can be changed as needed. Changing this value only affects the Classic Client; to read how this can be changed for the RoleTailored Client in NAV 2009 R2, read this blog post from the MSDN NAV Blog:

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t have your NAV Shortcut Key Cheat-sheet or keyboard guide handy? Don’t worry about it! The NAV Classic Client will tell you exactly what each F key does on any particular screen or form.

For example, go to the Customer Card. Then click the Help menu that appears in the toolbar on top (no, not the Help button on the card), and select Overview of F Keys. A window opens up that shows you what each F key does. Click on one of them and it will even perform the action for you. (If you click a button, the Overview window will close; you will have to go back to the Help menu and open the Overview window again.)

If you click where it says Shift or Ctrl it will also show what the F keys do when used in combination with Shift or Ctrl.

Note: Apparently, you can get to Overview of F Keys by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+F1 shortcut, but for some reason, it will not work for me (Windows 7 SP1, 64 bit, NAV 2009 R2)

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