NAV Keyboard Shortcuts (Classic Client and RTC)

While I like using my mouse to perform actions in NAV when I’m doing a sales demo or helping a client, sometimes it’s so much more convenient to just use shortcut keys instead – at least for functions or actions that I use most frequently.

If you’ve been using NAV for many years, you are probably familiar with at least some of these popular shortcut keys (if not all): F3 for Insert New, F4 for Delete, F11 for Post, etc.

And what a surprise it must have been when you used the NAV 2009 RoleTailored Client (RTC) for the first time: you hit F4 on a Sales Order Line only to find out it shows a drop-down list (or does nothing, depending on the active field in the Line) instead of deleting the line.

I’ve been using RTC for almost two years now (and all but one of our clients use RTC), and I still get the new shortcut keys mixed up; but I know almost all of the old shortcuts by heart! The good news is, Microsoft has a fantastic cheat-sheet in PDF format with all the keyboard shortcuts for both the Classic and RoleTailored Clients.

Although the file says the shortcuts are for NAV 2009, the Classic ones are pretty much the same (there may be one or two that are new and specific to NAV 2009).

So whether you are entirely new to NAV and don’t know any shortcuts beside the universal F1 for Help, or a seasoned NAV user who just upgraded to RTC from Classic and are suddenly feeling lost, the PDF file below from Microsoft will come in handy time and time again.

Download link: NAV Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also download this directly from Microsoft PartnerSource (link to download page) or CustomerSource (link to download page) using your associated Windows Live login.

Interestingly, the PartnerSource download page also includes a link to download a Shortcut Wheel (that you need to put together!). So if you are a very artsy/creative Partner, or you’re just lean on billable work, get your scissors and other arts+crafts goodies out and put together some NAV Shortcut Wheels for your favorite customers. They will love you more for it. 🙂


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