How to read / understand NAV Version numbers

In NAV 2009, if you’ve ever looked at About Microsoft Dynamics NAV of either the Classic or RoleTailored Client (located under the Help menu), you’ve probably wondered why the version number appears twice.

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For example, in the screenshot below from the Classic Client, it says Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 in the first line, and Version US Dynamics NAV 6.0 SP1 (6.00.33104) in the second line.

This is how you would read it:

  • The first line shows the version of the NAV Client executable that you are using: NAV 2009 R2
  • The second line shows the version of the NAV Database is currently open: NAV 6.0 SP1 US / North American; (Note: In case you’re wondering why 6.0, that is the internal version number for NAV 2009)
  • The number in the parentheses in the second line is the exact build number of the NAV Classic Client: 6.00.33104

So, what you can gather from the above is: I’m using a NAV 2009 R2 client (build 6.00.33104) to open up a NAV 2009 SP1 database.

The About Microsoft Dynamics NAV page in the RoleTailored Client is quite similar, except that the build number of the RTC executable is shown in the third line (see screenshot below).

If you notice closely, the build numbers for the executables in my screenshots are slightly different in the Classic Client and the RTC: the build number of the Classic Client is shown as 6.00.33104.0, while the build number of the RTC is 6.0.33104.0.

They are really the same build, but for some reason Microsoft uses a slightly different numbering convention for builds in the RTC.

Older Versions of NAV:

If your NAV Client executable is older than NAV 2009, your About Microsoft Dynamics NAV or About Microsoft Business Solutions Navision window looks somewhat similar to the first screenshot of the Classic Client above, but all version information appears in one line.

If your Client executable version and the Database version are different, it may look something like this: Version DE Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 (4.0 SP3)

The first piece of information is the version number of the Client Executable, i.e., NAV 5.0 SP1, German.

The version number that appears inside the parentheses, i.e., 4.0 SP3, is the version of the NAV Database that is currently in use.

Note: At this time, I only have NAV 2009 installed on my PC so I couldn’t put any screenshots for older versions. I will attempt to get some in a few days and update this post.

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