How to Duplicate a Report in NAV

I wouldn’t have thought of dedicating a post to this, but an old friend of mine asked me today if I could explain how to duplicate a report in NAV. He wanted to take an existing report, save it with a new object number and make modifications to the “new” report.

The process is quite simple:

  1. In the NAV Classic Client, go to the Object Designer.
  2. Click on Report, and find the desired report. Click Design (for example, Report 50025)
  3. Go to File > Save As, and in the window that appears, enter the object number for the new report (for example, 50035) in the ID field. In the Name field, enter a new name (Report names must be unique, so you cannot have two reports with identical names).
  4. Click OK, and it will take a few seconds to save this new report.
  5. Once it is saved, I do not recommend making changes right away. To be safe, close out this report by clicking the X icon (i.e., exit the Report Designer)
  6. From the Object Designer, find your new Report (for example, Report 50035), click Design, and now you can begin making your changes.

Additional note:

In step #3 above, I mentioned that each report’s name must be unique. However, there is no such requirement for the Caption associated with each report – so multiple reports can have the same Caption.

When a user runs a report, they see the Caption and not the Name. To view Captions for Objects, simply right click on one of the Column Headers in the Object Designer and put a check mark next to the Caption column.

To change a Caption, follow these steps:

  1. From the Object Designer, Design the desired object (for example, Report 50035)
  2. In the Report Designer window, click in the first blank line
  3. View the report’s Properties by pressing Shift+F4 (or from View > Properties)
  4. The Report – Properties window opens up, and here you can change the value of the Caption property
  5. If you are using multiple languages, you can update the values in the CaptionML property for each desired language
  6. Close the Properties window, and exit the Report. You will be prompted to Save and Compile the report – make sure that you answer Yes.

That’s it!

Hope that helps. And thanks for inspiring today’s post Rob!

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