Freeze Panes in NAV 2009 RTC à la Microsoft Excel

I was doing an NAV demo this morning for a prospect who had used the product a long time ago (way before Microsoft had acquired Navision), and inevitably we spent a few minutes talking about the evolution of the product and the many new features added over the years.

While showing her a List style page, we scrolled left and right a couple times and it segued nicely into an opportunity to show a new-to-NAV feature: Freeze Pane.

No doubt some of you may already know about it, but I think there are users out there who aren’t aware of this NAV 2009 RTC feature.

On any Page or Subform that contains columns, right-click on the Column Header (or click the Customize icon on the top-right of the page) and click on Choose Columns.

A Customize window opens up. In the Show columns in this order section on the right-hand side, click once on the field after which you would like to insert the Freeze Pane. Then click the Add Freeze Pane button on the right (as shown in the screenshot below).

NAV will display “— Freeze pane ———” below that field in the list. Click OK. Once you return to your page, notice that as you scroll from left to right, the columns to the left of the pane remain frozen.

This feature is available on all sorts of List and Worksheet style pages (such as Customer list, the Lines FastTabs in a Sales Order, Journals, etc.).

That’s it! Very Excel-ish, no?

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