Filtering effectively with Wildcards and Expressions

Setting filters is a great way of narrowing down a list to find a record or a desired set of records in NAV.

In the Classic Client, you can set a filter by clicking on the desired field – or column, if you are viewing a list – and pressing F7 (or clicking on the  icon in the toolbar).

In the RoleTailored Client, one or more filters can be set from the Filter Pane. If you are not sure where to find the Filter Pane, or have questions on how to set multiple, e-mail us at

Let’s say you want to find the all customers with the word “Corp” in their name.

In the demonstration company Cronus USA, Inc., we have three such customers: Zanlan Corp., Corporacion Beta, and Afrifield Corporation.

  1. On the Customer list page, filter on the Name column.
  2. To find any customer containing the word “Corp” in any part of the name, filter with an asterisk (wildcard) before and after the word Corp: *Corp*
  3. To find any customer containing the word “Corp”, “corp”, “cOrp”, etc. (case-insensitive) in any part of the name, use the @ expression: @*corp*
  4. If you are not sure whether the customer’s name contains “Corp” or “Carp”, you can use the ? expression: @*c?rp*

Similarly, NAV allows you to filter on numerical or date ranges and set “either/or”, “and”, “different from”, and “greater/lesser than” filters.

Let’s say you are looking at Customer Ledger Entries for a particular customer.

  1. To filter on all entries from 1/1/2012 to 3/15/2012, filter on the Posting Date field with this expression: 01/01/12..03/15/12 (you can also enter the date as MMDDYY without the slashes instead of MM/DD/YY: 010112..031512)
  2. To filter on all entries newer than 2/1/2012, filter on the Posting Date field with this expression: 020112..
  3. Similarly, to filter on all entries older than 2/1/202, use: ..020112
  4. To find entries from 1/1/2012 to 1/31/2012, and 3/1/2012 to 3/15/2012, filter with this expression: 010112..013112|030112..031512 (the vertical bar signifies either/or).

Similarly, with numbers, you can use >200 to find a value greater than 200, <= 200 to find a value lesser than or equal to 200, or <>200 to find a value different from (not equal to) 200. To find a value that is either 200 or 300, enter 200|300 as the field filter.

If you are trying to find records where a particular field such as External Document No. on a Posted Sales Invoice is not empty, use this filter expression: <>” (two single quotes, not one double quote).

Conversely, to find all records where the External Document No. field has been left empty, use this filter expression: (just two single quotes).

These are just some examples of filters that you can set in NAV. To see a more comprehensive list, press F1 from inside the NAV Client (Classic or RTC), click on the Search tab, select “Search Titles Only” option on the bottom-left of Help window, type “Setting Filters” in the search box and hit Enter.


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