Expanding the Header Row for increased Column name readability

Have you ever looked at a list in NAV (like Customer Ledger Entries, a list of Items, or the lines in a Sales Order) and wondered what a particular column was for, or gotten confused by two columns with similar names because the entire column name couldn’t be shown in the allotted space? It’s actually very simple to remedy.

Of course, you can stretch the columns horizontally like you would do in Microsoft Excel, but sometimes it’s a better idea to expand the Header row vertically so the long Column names are wrapped into multiple lines.

We’ve broken down the steps for doing this by Classic and RoleTailored Client since it’s done a little differently in each.


Classic Client:

While viewing a list, hover your mouse over the bottom edge of the box in the top-left corner of the Form (i.e., the line dividing the Header and the regular rows). The mouse pointer will change to a bi-directional arrow with a dividing horizontal line. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag it down to expand the Header row to the desired height.

Did you know:

    • You can do the same to adjust the row height by clicking on any of the other row dividers. 
    • If you click on the box in the top-left corner, it will select all rows and columns on the Form. In versions older than NAV 5, there is no Export to Excel and Export to Word functionality. You can work around that by copying the selection to the clipboard with Ctrl + C and pasting it into an Excel worksheet.

RoleTailored Client:

While viewing a list page or a FastTab that has a list, right click anywhere in the Header row, and from the drop-down list click on Choose Header Height. The default is 1, but you can change the height to 2 or 3 rows. Additionally, you can apply this personalization throughout the system by clicking on Apply To All Lists.

Now wasn’t that simple?

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