Drop Downs in NAV 2009 RTC and newer version (Field Groups)

Objective: Creating and Modifying Drop Downs in NAV 2009 RTC (Field Groups)
Target Audience: NAV developers and power users
Prerequisite Knowledge: General understanding of Table and Page Designer, and C/AL

In previous versions of NAV – and the Classic Client in NAV 2009 – if you wanted to select a Sell-to Customer on a Sales Order, you would be presented with a separate Customer List window. (Related Tip: This list style form is identified in the LookupFormID property of the Customer table.)

When selecting a Sell-to Customer on a Sales Order in NAV 2009’s RoleTailored Client, you are presented with a drop-down window instead (see screenshot below). This window contains certain important columns from the Customer table; select the appropriate column to filter on, and as you type NAV will find and display the matching results. You can also set a default filter column for the page.

This functionality is available throughout the system, and can be added to your custom tables as well. You can also determine which fields appear as columns in the drop-down.

Clausl’s Dynamics NAV Blog” on MSDN provides a detailed explanation and step-by-step walkthrough of how you can change an existing drop-down or create one of your own.

Instead of reproducing his blog article here, we invite you to follow this link to learn about Drop-downs in NAV 2009 RTC and Field Groups :


PS: Don’t forget to thank Clausl for his excellent post!

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