Creating a Sales Invoice for a single Job Planning Line; Hidden Actions

In NAV 2009 RoleTailored Client, much has been made of the new Actions feature, the Action Pane and the ability to add and promote actions on pages. Most RTC users realize fairly quickly though, that when you have a Document type page (that has Headers and Lines) or a Worksheet type page, only certain actions can be promoted to the Action Pane. Essentially, actions that belong to a Page Part cannot be added to the Actions / Action Pane of the parent page.

This can lead to some confusion, especially among users who are new to the RTC. When users are unable to find a particular function or action on the main Actions menu / Pane on the page, they (incorrectly) infer that the functionality is simply not available.

A good example is Invoicing from Jobs. During a walk-through of a customization with a client user this week, we asked her to create an Invoice from a test Job she’d just created. She went to the Job Task Lines page and proceeded to create an Invoice from there.

In doing so, her new Sales Invoice contained lines for all of the Planning Lines under the selected Job Task. However, she only wanted to create an Invoice for one of the Planning Lines of the selected Job Task.


So after navigating to and opening the newly created Sales Invoice, she had to delete all the lines except for the one related to the Planning Line she wanted to post the invoice for.

She did all this because there was no Action item / function to “Create Sales Invoice” on the Job Planning Lines page, which led her to infer that the only option was to create the invoice from the Job Task Lines page.

The solution to her problem? The Actions icon (the lightning bolt) for the Lines page part of the Job Planning Lines page. What you have to remember though is that it only appears when the mouse is hovered over the Lines page part or a field in the Lines part is active (has been clicked on).

Click on that Actions icon and you see the Functions sub-menu, and under it “Create Sales Invoice.” When you use this function, it will only create an invoice for the selected Job Planning Line, and there is no need to delete lines from the Sales Invoice later.

What we’ve learned today: Two things really…

  1. You have the ability to Create Sales Invoices for all Planning Lines under a Job Task, OR just for a selected Job Planning Line.
  2. More importantly: If you are looking for an Action item and cannot find it under the Actions menu or Action Pane of the Page, check if there is an Actions icon specifically for the desired part of the page.

It’s not just new users who get caught out by this – sometimes, folks who have been using the NAV Classic Client for many years also end up scratching their heads wondering “I used to be able to do that in my old version of NAV.. did they really take that function away in the RTC??”

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