Company Defined Colors

Finally, users can now see what company they logged into when they open any RTC page is open. This neat ‘tool’ shows the user, in an assortment of colorful ways, what company and (or) database they are in according to predefined set-up ‘System Indicators’. This is very handy when an organization has 2 or more companies and the user must work in many of them at once and throughout the day.

Here is how it is done: Simply go to the System Indicator fast tab of “Company Information”. Depending upon the choice in the System Indicator field, default text will be populated, however users can define their own as well. The System Indicator Style field will determine the color of the verbiage displayed; for example 1 is RED, 2 is BLUE  and 9 is GRAY.

There are a few limitations to note: This feature is only available if the NAV installation is running R2 and there are only 9 colors to choose from.

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