Can you VOID an EFT Payment? YES, you can!

Recently I was asked can an EFT payment that was initiated in NAV,  using the electronic payment bank type, be voided after transmission and posting? My initial thought was to scratch my and ask why, but I soon realized; “YES” there are scenarios when this is needed. The very first thing to do is to contact the financial institution and verify if funds have been transferred and if voiding the EFT is valid.

Next follow this easy “How-To document” below, but be mindful of the posting dates. The process is similar to voiding a check  but with an extra step or two….

This post was written for NAV 2009 however the method steps to Void and EFT payment are identical in NAV 2013, all you have to do to use the Actions Ribbon and functions instead of Related Information.

How to Void an EFT payment in NAV after posting

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