Is the State code missing on printed documents for Canadian customers?

The other day, one of our clients reached out to us because an invoice they mailed to a Canadian customer was returned due to missing State/Province code. They checked other invoices that were printed from NAV and noticed that the State codes appeared on invoices to US customers but not the Canadian ones.

Once I got over the initial surprise that the Canadian postal service couldn’t figure out the Province from the Postal/Zip code which was clearly printed out, I set about “addressing” the issue:

  • Did the Sell-To and Bill-To address contain the State code/name? Check
  • Did we affect something when we modified the Format Address Codeunit for the client? Hmmm, could be, but let’s check the simple stuff first.
  • What are the address formats for US and Canada in the Country/Region table? Aha!

It turns out that the default Address Format for Canada in Table 9 (Country/Region) is set to City + ZIP Code while for the United States, it is set to City + State + Zip Code.

I’m not sure why the Canadian default Address Format did not include the State, but all you need to do is select City + State + ZIP Code from the drop-down list, tab out of that field and you’re done.

While you are there, you can also change the Contact Address Format by country.

Not sure how to get to the Countries/Regions form or page?

  • Classic Client: Go to Administration > Application Setup > General > Countries/Regions
  • NAV 2009 RTC: Go to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > General  > (Lists) > Countries/Regions
Related Tidbits: 

  • The default Local Address Format and Contact Address Format is defined in the General Ledger Setup
  • How addresses appear on printed reports like Invoices (i.e, which address fields are printed, the order in which they appear, etc.) is controlled through Codeunit 365 (Format Address)

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