Missing Functionality in G/L Budgets in NAV 2009 RTC

While doing a demo earlier this week, I was asked to show NAV’s Budgeting functionality. Simple enough – I walked through how easy it is to create and edit a budget in NAV, or export a budget template to Excel and import the numbers back.

Then they asked if they could see historical information for a period side-by-side. That, unfortunately, is not available right out of the box in NAV although it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to accomplish.

While reflecting on this later with my colleague Krystal, I discovered a very interesting omission in the Role Tailored Client’s Budget page: while the Copy Budget and Delete Budget functionality is available, there is no Create Budget function at all!

As you see in the screenshot below from the Classic Client of NAV 2009 R2, there is a function called Create Budget, and this has two options: Amount by Period, and From History.

These are very helpful functions because they allow the user to start the budget from a point of reference, upon which a new budget can be based. Sadly, it appears that we will have to make do without them if we’re using the Role Tailored Client.

Additional Reading: Warning – the paragraphs below may put you to sleep if you don’t particularly care for C/AL Code… 🙂

Like me, you’re probably wondering WHY?!

If you edit the Budget form (Form 113), you will see that each of the two Create menu items calls a processing report: Budget Amount by Period (Report 10030) and Budget from History (Report 10031). Both of these reports contain a Request Form as well as a Request Page, so in theory you should have no trouble calling either of them from an Action on a Page in the Role Tailored Client.

However, closer examination shows that Form 113 (Budget) has Dimension Code Buffer as its Source Table. On the other hand, Page 113 (Budget) has no source table, so although the end-result may be the same, the form and the page are fundamentally different. If you try to copy the menu items from the form as Actions on the page, you will find that both Amount by Period and From History call the function SetGLAccFilters, which makes reference to the Dimension Code Buffer record as REC. Since the page does not have this table as the source table, it causes a compilation error.

I’m sure we can work our way around this issue, but I haven’t spent any more time on it. Besides, NAV 2013 is right around the corner and hopefully this will be one of the things Microsoft has addressed!

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