Did You Know…..

Did You Know?As part of our continuing effort to bring useful tidbits of information to those new to NAV, we at InterDyn BMI have created a subset to our Tips & Tricks Category called “Did You Know”. Unlike the Tips & Tricks that tell of handy tips and help teach end-users tricks within NAV,  this new blog contains quick information you may not find elsewhere in related Microsoft documentation. The information comes from real-life working experience. Please feel free to share something unique,  regardless of module, you may have discovered in NAV.

Here is our first post:


* When on a sales order, If you select an item tracking entries (aka serial number)  for an item then a bin code the serial number becomes un attached from the entry?



* When on a journal page and enter dimensions for the account number then enter a balance account the dimension are blanked out?



* Even if you company does not  have tax concerns, during the set up process you must enter a blank entry in the VAT posting set up with the type of sales tax?



* If you choose to “Apply” the package data without ‘Validating” first, partial data will be inserted in the table for the records  that contain errors.


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