Video Tutorial: Using Microsoft Flow with Dynamics 365 & NAV 2017 for Business Process Automation Across Popular Services

In NAV 2016, Microsoft introduced a proper workflow engine and some templates, opening the door for user defined workflows right out of the box (where previously, an ISV solution or customization would be required). That said, with few exceptions, such as e-mails for approval requests, the scope of the workflows was entirely within the NAV application: being triggered by an event in NAV, resulting in one or more actions and responses in NAV. Despite the limited number of pre-built workflow templates, events, and responses, it has definitely been a good selling feature for the solution.

microsoft-flow2Now imagine what you could do if NAV workflows could interact with other applications and services that your organization uses every day? Think SharePoint, CRM applications, SQL, cloud based file sharing services, Office apps (traditional and Office 365), BI.. or even social media! Actions driven by events in NAV, or triggering processes in NAV based on events in another application that drives your business.

The possibilities are truly amazing! Even more amazing is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this. So where do we begin? By signing up for Microsoft Flow, a new, free service that is part of the Office 365 suite (but does not require an Office 365 subscription). It supports 72 services today, and I’m sure many more will be added in the months to come. Among these services are Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NAV 2017. I have not tested it with 2016/2015, but from the looks for it, I think it should work with those versions as well.

In the video tutorial below, I show a simple use case scenario where we take an event like the creation of a new Customer record to drive a social media update on Twitter to spread the word about our new business relationship:

Leave us your feedback, questions and comments on how you plan to use Microsoft Flow with Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365, here or on the Youtube video page.

Teaser: Later this week, I’ll be posting a blog entry on how to extend NAV data into your own custom mobile apps, courtesy of Microsoft PowerApps.

Video Tutorial: Freezing Panes in Microsoft Excel for Increased Report Readability

Freezing Panes in Excel… oh-so-easy when you want to lock the first row or first column, but oh-so-frustrating (at least for me, until I figured out) when you want to lock multiple rows, columns, or some combination of the two.

But once I learned how, it was so astonishingly simple that I just had to share it for the benefit of anyone else who has been chasing this ‘elusive’ functionality. Watch this How-To video and start freezing rows and columns to your heart’s content.

Note: If the video above appears blurry and low quality, you can toggle the quality up to 1080p, or click here to watch the video in HD on

Cash Flow Forecasting & Budgeting with Dynamics NAV

It’s that time of year when you start thinking about the next year. While budgeting and forecasting is a part of business life, would it not be nice to make it easier? Listen to this webinar to will learn about some best practices that might save you and your team hours this time of year. Make it your best year end ever!

2016 NAVUG All Star Award

InterDyn BMI is extremely honored to announce that AJ Ansari, our NAV Product Manager, was awarded NAVUG All Star at this year’s User Group Summit, along with Anthony Darden from Protective Industries & Steve Chinsky from Columbus IT.

The recipients of the awards were presented at the 2016 NAVUG Summit in Tampa, FL.

“NAVUG is so fortunate to have Members in our community like Anthony, AJ, and Steve. This past year they have shared their Dynamics NAV knowledge with the community through webinars and Chapter meetings, they have served on various committees & boards, and they regularly help other users through the Open Forum. We are incredibly thankful that they have given their time and energy to this community – we have all benefitted greatly,” said Mark Rhodes, NAVUG Program Director.

“Congratulations to each of these very-deserving recipients.” Read more

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